Hillside Public Schools District Priority Goals

STUDENT SUCCESS: Multiple Pathways to Student Success

Ensure that every student receives a standards-based education that will provide multiple pathways for student success by broadening post-secondary opportunities, building support systems to retain our students in-district, and expanding college and career options. Hillside Public Schools will eliminate opportunity gaps, so all students achieve excellence.

STUDENT WELL-BEING: Healthy, Safe, and Supported Students

Create an environment that fosters the growth and well-being of the students. Hillside Public Schools will nurture all students' intellectual, physical, mental, and social-emotional growth in healthy, safe, and supportive learning environments.

ENGAGED WORKFORCE: Diverse and Highly Effective Staff

Recruit, hire, and invest in a high-quality and diverse workforce to ensure Hillside Public Schools is the place where talented individuals choose to work.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: High-Quality Infrastructure

Strengthen and improve system-wide operations to meet the needs of Hillside Public Schools' growing and changing community. Transparent communication to our community is an essential element of the organization.

PARTNERSHIPS: Strong, Mutually Supportive Partnerships

Develop and support strong connections among schools, families, communities, institutions of higher­ education, and businesses to broaden, opportunities for student learning, development, and growth.