Attendance Policy


In order for the Board of Education to fulfill its responsibility for providing a thorough and efficient education, the district provides a minimum of 180 days in the school calendar.  Cooperation of parents/guardians and pupils is essential to ensure good attendance.  The principal will recognize exemplary pupil attendance.

The Board of Education requires that the Students enrolled in the schools of this district attend school regularly in accordance with the laws of the State.  You can view the board policy at the following link: Attendance Policy.

Parent’s Role

1.     Alert school of the absence of a child.  The reason for the absence

should be given.  Call (908) 352-7664 ext 4150. Parents can also input absence in parent portal.

2.     Send a note or doctor’s statement to the classroom teacher with the child,

               upon his/her return to school.

Teacher’s Role

1.     Assist the child with make-up work.

2.     Communicate with parents, tutor, etc. al. if the absence is of a long duration.

3.     Collect notes from children who return to school.

4.     Send notes to the office.

Nurse/Secretary’s Role

1.      Genesis System will contact parents if child is absent from school, and we have not been


2.      Keep principal and attendance officer informed of parents who have not been reached.

Student’s Role

1.      Upon return to school, obtain make-up work from the classroom teacher.


If a pupil is absent from school 20 days or more, this excessive absence may affect his/her promotion (Board of Education Policy #5200)